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Guitarist/vocalist AJ Mac's THUNDEROSA has been how you pronounce "Nashville Pussy" in the regional dialects of Tulsa, NYC, and Austin since 1997. You know, that curious mix of redneckism/punk/Motörhead/ZZ Top. They're thoroughly Texan on their fifth full-length, down to the inner sleeve photo of two Lone Stars accompanying some menudo. The Gibbons quotient is especially evident on chooglers like "Fires on the Porch," though much of this is pure Lemmy homage, especially "Stone Deaf (Because of You)."

 Tim Stegall,, AC, Apr 19, 2019


If Lemmy from Motörhead pricked his thumb with a cactus and then jammed with Down, it would have sounded something like THUNDEROSA. The band is pure hard rockin' roll with obvious nods to classic rock bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and and ZZ Top, and stoner sludge keeping pace with C.O.C. Slick guitar slides cascade into "thunderous" riffs.

 Shape Shifter PR, Mar 5, 2017


So it’s Motorhead meets ZZ Top in an alley for a fistfight with some redneck punks. The usual. But it’s really, really fun. Oh, and THUNDEROSA started out the same year as the Pussy so they’re no Johnny come lately copyists. This is the sound I hear in my head every time I fall off the wagon and go off on one. That usually ends up in a fight and bad tattoo and ‘Fires On The Porch’, ‘Beer Soaked,Hot Rods and Rock n Roll’ and ‘Stone Deaf (Because of You!)’ will make the perfect soundtrack to my comedown. Especially the latter which is surely an actual Motorhead song rather than a tribute.   Roaring vocals, howling guitars and the best party you’ve never been to. Well played....  Daddy’s home.

 Zeitgeist - The Rocker (Chile) 


THUNDEROSA began more than twenty years ago, these rockers first airing their ZZ Top meets Motorhead, Texas Rock n' Roll way back in 1997. Their latest offering is "RIDE THE SNAKE," a nine-track romp of slide guitar, harmonica and rollicking ball busting anthems.  'Stone Deaf (Because Of You!)' is a two-minute blast of Southern-fried homage to Lemmy Kilminster & Co. and as a way in to the Thunderosa sound is faultless. If there's still any doubt of what you can expect, then 'Beer Soaked, Hot Rods and Rock 'N' Roll" should clear that up for you. This is earthy, honest and mighty fine!

Fireworks Magazine, Issue 86


Music Connection Magazine


zapatos rockeros

“‎THUNDEROSA will be hitting the inside stage at 11:30! Killer southern rockin cow punkin set to be expected...”

ATX Music Mag


After 16 years of only 2 songs off a demo tape, "John Force" & ?????   I finally got to see, no, experience Thunderosa live. I down loaded "John Force" off the tape & played it several times on my radio show on KICA fm Clovis New Mexico. It was like an Oklahoma twister in the bar {The Mercury Lounge, Tulsa Ok} An endless Rock & Roll assault from beginning to end of the show!! My buddy Roland, a bar tender at the Mercury, even jammed a tune with the band while AJ took a piss. Far fucking out. My wife & I just opened American Eagle Tattoo of Tulsa 4 days ago & I can't thank AJ & the boys for pumping us up last night. They're gonna be a big part of an early success for Majyk & me, BigRick Matthews. Also, a huge thank you to the entire staff at the Mercury Lounge in Tulsa Ok!!!!!! Thanx. Now AJ,get out there & blow some fucking minds with your brand of 101 octane Rock & Fucking Roll!! ”

Big Rick Matthews - American Eagle Tattoo

THUNDEROSA is a bit of a departure from what we normally feature on Trashy Tuesday. We usually go with some lo-fi garage rock or blues, but while Thunderosa doesn’t fit the general profile for Trashy Tuesday, I think this band is trashy enough to be featured here.On its ReverbNation page, THUNDEROSA bills itself as “greasy Texas stomp.” I ask you, loyal reader. Do you expect me to ignore a band that identifies itself that way? You know I cannot. So what makes this band a fit for this particular slot? Well, this band isn’t trashy like most of the lo-fi bands we feature. If you want a good example of the trashy aspect of this band, listen to “White Trash Heroes" You know who I think would like this song? Early Cuyler from Squidbillies. Frankly, I want to see an episode of Squidbillies that features this song .This band manages to blend southern rock with heavy-guitar driven rock and roll (thus the Nashville Pussy comparison) ...GET TO KNOW THIS BAND!”

Incognito Music Magazine

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